The Derrick Machine has been designed to be
user friendly and safe, but most importantly, it
unparalleled hamstring development.
No other exercise can match the awesome
results achievable with this device. It achieves
this by working the hamstring in its full range
of motion while also forcing correct form from
the first to last rep.  This is accomplished by
putting the athlete in the inverted position
with the use of a counterbalance.
Height - 94 Inches
Length -
60 Inches
Width - 34.5 Inches

Machine has one quick adjustment
to lock feet in place.
This allows easy access in and out
of the machine and accommodates
athletes of all shapes and sizes.
Failure to follow all instructions may result in injury.
Supervision of athletes while using machine is recommended.
Climbing on or misusing the machine may result in injury.
Obtaining a medical exam before using is recommended.
Stay clear of all pinch points.
Instruct users/supervisors to stay clear of all moving parts.
Warning labels come with machine and must not be removed.
Install the machine with room for safe access and spotters.
Machine is designed for one person at a time.
Machine should only be use for inverted hamstring exercise!
Anchoring the machine in place is recommended.
(Contact a professional contractor for this task.)
Inspect machine for damage before every use.
All users of the machine should be instructed for proper use.
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